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Berg Lectures on Jewish Identity Berg Lectures on Jewish Identity


Berg Lectures on Jewish Law: Pathways for Egalitarian Judaism

Taught by Rabbi Ethan Tucker

 March 6th, 13th and 20th, 2012, 7:30pm

March 6: Incremental Change or Paradigm Shift?
In thinking about gender and Jewish rituals, rights and responsibilities, we are faced with a fundamental choice.  One approach is to tackle each issue on its own terms and to use incremental and minimalist approaches to solving problems that arise.  The other approach is to embrace a paradigm that addresses issues of gender in one fell swoop by arguing for a paradigm shift.  We will think about these two modes more broadly in halakhah and consider what is gained and lost by each.
  Video for Session 1

March 13: Sharing Burdens Equally in a World without Adjuncts
In an egalitarian world of Jewish rights and responsibilities, who gets to come late to shul?Who plays the role of adjunct and supporter that has always been key in the mechanics of Jewish community?  If much of the Jewish past assumed that many supporting roles were delegated to women in order to allow men to be fully present, how can an egalitarian world ensure full presence for some without dividing roles along gender lines alone?  We will consider other models for thinking about burdens shared among equals and think about how to keep both men and women fully involved in all aspects of Jewish life.
  Video for Session 2

March 20: Egalitarianism without Androgyny
Much of the struggle for gender equality both in the general culture and in Judaism has focused on equality of citizenship and equality of power.  Must that struggle also necessarily entail wiping the public space clean of gender differences?  Can Jews who are committed to gender difference and separation be full members of the egalitarian project pursuing equality of power and citizenship? We will attempt to address this difficult and contentious topic with sensitivity and honesty.

Recording of Session 3, Part 1

Recording of Session 3, Part 2
March 6, 13 and 20th at 7:30pm
Location: 190 Amsterdam Avenue at 69th St.
Cost: Free

Can't make it in person? These sessions will be recorded and posted online.


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