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Entrance to ShulMechon Hadar's Minyan Project is designed to empower vibrant prayer communities. In November 2008, the leaders of Mechon Hadar facilitated a conference for over 90 minyan leaders from 32 communities to network, share best practices and define major upcoming issues. In addition to the 3-day leaders conference, Mechon Hadar also held a 1-day public forum on minyanim at Brandeis University. This extraordinary day attracted 120 minyan leaders and representatives from traditional Jewish institutions, and featured 8 panels and a keynote address, with scholars, minyan leaders and Jewish professionals. You can find recordings of these sessions here. The Minyan Project will leverage the knowledge that is dispersed among these communities by creating an online forum for continued sharing and discussion.

The Minyan Project also offers 1-1 consulting for prayer communities, and has offered resources and strategy advice to more than 20 communities in the past year. To speak with a staff member on the Minyan Project, email info@mechonhadar.org.

Selichot at Kehilat HadarA cornerstone of the Minyan Project is the Halakhic Think Tank. This open source discussion offers guidance and options on a number of crucial halakhic issues facing these burgeoning communities, including gender, kashrut, defining relationships and boundaries with the non-Jewish world, navigating different levels of observance within the Jewish community).

The Minyan Project offers courses and resources, both online and in person. In these classes, we offer opportunities for leaders of various minyanim to develop their skills and learn from each other in a supportive environment.

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