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Winter Learning Seminar 2014

Yeshivat Hadar's 2014 Winter Learning Seminar (Co-sponsored with Hazon)

פת חרבה ושלוה בה

Can a Morsel of Bread bring Peace?
Food, Identity, and Responsibility

A week of beit midrash learning, embedded in a community of prayer, shared meals, and conversation - focused on questions including: Do the ethics of food production affect kashrut? Is kashrut meant to separate people who keep it from people who don't (and why or why not)? What does it mean for eating to be a Jewish spiritual practice? Is vegetarianism a preference, a commandment, or a rebellion? Plus: you'll get to bake your own matzah, and learn how to make your own for Pesah! For a sample schedule, click here.

Source Sheets from Winter Learning Seminar 2014

Sunday January 5th

Our Own Food and Others' (R. Jason Rubenstein)

Monday January 6th

Morning session—To Eat or Not to Eat

Morning session—English translation

Gifts of Life and Torah (R. Jason Rubenstein)

Tuesday January 7th

Morning session—Kashrut: Boundaries Between Jews and Gentiles?

Morning session—English translation

Wednesday January 8th

Are Trans-fats Kosher? (R. Shai Held)

Thursday January 9th

Morning session—Food and Spirituality

Morning session—English translation

Olam Hesed Yibaneh (R. Shai Held)

Gender, Tefillah and Halakhah On One Foot (R. Ethan Tucker)

A Sympathetic Prayerbook Exegesis (R. Elie Kaunfer)


Monday January 13th

Morning session—Kashrut: Boundaries Between Jews?

Morning session—English translation 

Tuesday January 14th

Morning session—Giving to the Hungry

Morning session—English translation

Wednesday January 15th

Is Vegetarianism a Jewish Ideal? (R. Shai Held)

Thursday January 16th

Morning session—Labor Ethics

Morning session—English translation




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