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Mechon Hadar is now accepting applications for the upcoming fellowships and seminars:


For more information about any of our fellowships and seminars - or to arrange a visit to the yeshiva - contact Rabbi Jason Rubenstein, Dean of Students, at

Below you will find brief descriptions of each program. For fuller descriptions, you can follow the links on this page to the dedicated pages for each program.

Winter Break 2013-14

Singing Communities Intensive  (December 23-26, 2013)

Join us for four days of energetic singing and musical-spiritual transformation. Led by Hadar co-founder Rabbi Elie Kaunfer and  Creative Director Joey Weisenberg, and other special guests, we will study the intersection of music, spirituality, and prayer. This year we will explore the melodies and prayer-texts of the High Holidays. Focused on raising the aesthetic level of all parts of the community together, we encourage rabbis, cantors, ba’alei tfilah (prayer leaders), musicians, singers, lay leaders, community organizers, and others to join in our ongoing exploration of communal musical dynamics.

Tuition: $600, $300 for students and Hadar alumni. Scholarships are available, and tuition includes daily lunch.

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College Winter Learning Seminar  (Session 1: January 5-9, 2014; Session 2: January 12-16, 2014)

Can a Morsel of Bread Bring Peace?: Food, Identity and Responsibility

Experience a week of beit midrash learning, embedded in a community of prayer, shared meals, and conversation. Our learning will focus questions including: do the ethics of food production make food kosher or un-kosher? Is kashrut meant to separate people who observe it from those who don’t (and why or why not)? What does it mean for eating to be a Jewish spiritual practice? And you’ll even get hands-on experience pickling, and making your own kosher-for-Passover matzah.

Tuition: $200 for one week, $350 for both. Tuition includes breakfast and lunch throughout the program.

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Summer 2014

Summer Beit Midrash (June 15 - August 9, 2014)

This summer at Hadar, students from all over the world will come together in a unique beit midrash in the heart of New York City. Three things define the summer at Hadar: Torah study that is academically rigorous and religiously relevant; tefillah that is authentic and passionate; and spiritual and personal growth that will help you become a better Jew, and a better person. You will encounter people and ideas that will challenge and excite you each day - and more importantly, they will guide and inspire you for a lifetime.

Tuition: Accepted students will be considered for tuition remission and a limited number of living stipends worth up to $2,500.

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 Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through May 1, 2014.

Pre-Collegiate Seminar (June 27 - August 9, 2014)

The Pre-Collegiate Seminar at Yeshivat Hadar is a transformative summer experience for students graduating high school in 2014 or 2015: six weeks of intensive learning, eye-opening field trips, daily davening, and hesed. You will be challenged with classes in Halakhah, Jewish Thought, and Talmud - where no questions are off-limits. You can even earn college credit. And best of all, you will be part of a community of creative, diverse peers and role models from around the world.

Tuition: $2900.

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Executive Seminar (July 6-10, 2014): Join us for an intense four-day study program designed for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.  You will study with a small group of women and men from around the country, and participate in sessions along with the dozens of young adults studying for the summer at Yeshivat Hadar. Join us for a taste of immersive Jewish learning as you enjoy classes with our stellar faculty on a range of topics.

Sign up for the Executive Seminar.  Register by June 12, 2014.

2014-15 Academic Year

Full-year Fellowship (September 2014 - May 2015)

The Hadar year fellowship brings together intelligent, passionate, and independent Jewish young adults in a unique program combining rigorous Torah study, spirtiual growth, and meaningful contributions to the Jewish community. You will study classic Jewish texts, from Tanakh and Talmud to contemporary Jewish philosophy - as a guide in solidifying your vision for a Jewish life of sophistication and integrity. A year at Hadar is an investment in your Jewish education and identity that will yield a lifetime of dividends.

Tuition: Fellows receive full tuition remission a monthly living stipend of $1,500.

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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through May 15, 2014.