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Changing, Growing and Standing Before God

An evening of learning for the Days of Awe. Are Our Sins Really Our Fault? (Dena Weiss); How Can People Really Change? (Elie Kaunfer); Reflections of Repentance (Shai Held). Monday, September 29th, 2014.

Responsa Radio Episode 2

Mechon Hadar is happy to introduce this new joint project with Open Quorum and the Center for Jewish Law and Values: Responsa Radio. Ever wanted to know the answer to some deep and challenging questions in halakhah (Jewish law)? Join R. Avi Killip interviewing R. Ethan Tucker with questions sent in by Yeshivat Hadar alumni on all sorts of details of Jewish law. Episode 2: Fitbits, Intimacy in the Modern World, and "The 18 Minutes"

Shamor and Zakhor: New paper from CJLV

The Center for Jewish Law and Values (CJLV) was launched last year in an effort to advance broad engagement with and learning around halakhah and the values that shape and drive it. Among the Center's many projects is the regular release of in-depth units that can stimulate discussion among scholars, laypeople, rabbis and educators on various topics in halakhah. We are pleased to present the first CJLV unit, titled, "Shamor and Zakhor: Competing Frames for Shabbat in the Torah and Today." Download all the material and learn more here.

Important News from Mechon Hadar and Project Zug

Mechon Hadar to House Project Zug, An Internet Start-up Connecting Jews Around The Globe. September 10, 2014.

“Lincoln’s Nigun—Yamin U’smol”

The Perfect Song to Usher in the Sabbath Queen. This review of one of Joey Weisenberg's songs is reprinted from www.jewcy.com, and written by Elissa Goldstein.

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